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For those of you concerned about the other admin, EVA. I just talked to her and she doesn’t know if she’s coming back here to Metal Gear Trivia, but she does send her regards.

Anyways, you’ve still got me and I’ve queued up some trivia for the next few days. - ADAM

cameronpmorris asked:

Thank you for answering my last question! I was wondering what you thought of the rumours that Phyco Mantis will be in 'The Phantom Pain'? Do you think they are true and if so do you think it will be cool?

I personally do think he’s in it, should have some interesting things in store if this is the case.

superbrybread asked:

MGS3 Substance has the MSX games on the persistence disc, and the legacy collection comes with them as well. However, the Essential collection does NOT come with them. The ported versions are better than the originals in terms of a few story fixes.

HD Collection has them as well, I assumed that the person who asked the earlier question was looking for MSX2 cartridges.


Anonymous asked:

i heard that you can recruit sheeps to mother base whats next ? recruiting apes to fight (dawn of planet of apes reference )

If that were the case, I’d hope to hear some enemies shout “Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”


Anonymous asked:

is there any movie trailers that you would make look like mgs e3 style trailer and in world war 2 theres was real life version of the end his name was simo häyhä

Simo Häyhä was pretty badass. As for the movie trailer question, I’m not sure, but if I ever come across one I think could use the MGSV treatment, I’ll get out my video editor.

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