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Anonymous asked:

when was the last time you witnessed somebody call Big Boss by the name Solid Snake?

About a month and a half ago. It was an article (can’t remember what site) on video game characters then and now. Of course, there were a bunch of Nintendo characters, but then last, there was Solid Snake. The “Then” picture was from the original Metal Gear, him standing in front of TX-55. For the “Now” picture, I was expecting an MGS4 screenshot, but nope. It was Ground Zeroes. Not the Deja Vu Mission, but a bloodied Big Boss. I’m pretty sure it even said something about losing an eye since destroying his first Metal Gear.

If you’re going to write an article, please don’t write it on something you know nothing about.

shilohfox37 asked:

Another thing from MGS1. Why does Master Miller (a.k.a. Liquid) tell Snake in the beginning that he knows about the flora and fauna? I mean it doesn't help u at all. Snake can't taste or smell. Just wondering.

Probably to establish the character of Miller, since most players - specifically outside of Japan - had never played Metal Gear 2, thus making Miller a brand-new character to them.

shilohfox37 asked:

Did you catch the major misspelling in MGS1?



I’m not sure, unless you’re talking about when it referred to Dr. Clark as a man.

I think the asker might be referring to an error in the mission summary (When you save then reload it asks if you want to read it) and I can’t remember where exactly, but I believe it’s somewhere near the second Sniper Wolf battle. Snake’s named was spelled as “Sanek”

Oh, okay! I don’t think I ever saw that. I’ll check it out next time I play it.

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