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fateh-black asked:

🚬 Last Year, I bought MGS3 and became a big fan of the whole series. I researched and read about the old Metal Gear games and realised I have the game which starts the whole story. I'm confused weather I should buy MGS2 now or not. I didn't buy it because I don't like Raiden, and I love Big Boss more than Solid Snake. But does the gameplay make it worthwhile and is the urban environment interesting enough?

I’d say it’s the crazy story more than anything that makes MGS2 worthwhile.

foxhounder1014 asked:

Do you think Kojima has a big ego? While the man is a genius, he plasters his name on everything, makes it especially clear that you're playing "A Hideo Kojima Game," and called himself god not once, but TWICE. You don't see Miyamoto doing that kind of shit. :P

I think he’s got a little bit of an ego, but I hear he’s also a little bit on the shy side, which is usually an odd thing to go with a big ego.

EDIT: I was mainly thinking about the “Kojima is God” stuff, rather than “A Hideo Kojima Game,” which is done very often, especially in the film industry, which I am very savvy of.

tokenflipguy asked:

What are your thoughts on what happened to Jeremy Blaustien? I remember listening to an old podcast, and feel nothing but sad that he isn't with the series anymore. I think the quality of the script of 4, GZ and TPP showed that they're now getting what to adapt for a Western Audience though.

Pretty much the same feeling for me.

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